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Atelier Beauté & Cie, the new freshly updated tanning salon that you love since 1985!

Leader in the industry for now more than thirty years, Le Club des Bronzés is updating is look and services for the Atelier Beauté & Cie.

Tanning beds at your disposal

At the Atelier Beauté & Cie, you have access to a huge variety of tanning equipment. 8 high quality tanning beds are at your disposal. We will be able to fill your needs if you either have time to relax, are in a hurry or feel like dancing to the beat of the music in the vertical bed. Get the tan you always wished for in our 100 watts, 160 watts with facial beds or our 200 watts vertical tanning bed only available here.

High quality neons, the difference on your tan

Always keeping high quality services in mind, we only use top quality neons for unbeatable results. All of our fluorescent lamps are changed regularly, exceeding the market standards. These types of neons allows fast tanning, even in regular tanning beds. No more 20 minutes of sweating. Come and get a nice tan, fast, easy and safely!

Pay per visit or buy a package

Many packages are available according to your needs and budget. We have a good discount for students on regular tanning bed if you pay every visit separately. All year long deals on our most popular packages. Also available, our 30 days unlimited tanning, allowing you to prepare your skin for a nice trip in the tropics.