Skin Rejuvenation
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Look as young as you feel!

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Safely and comfortably reduce the appearance of skin imperfections caused by sun damage, age spots and uneven skin tones created by brown spots.

We are proud to offer Elos, the first and only technology that combines two energies to effectively and gently restore and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. Developed by the original inventors of Pulse Light systems, Elos is truly the next generation of safe and effective skin rejuvenation technology.

How does Skin Rejuvenation with Elos works?

The combination of Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Intense-pulse Light energy of the Elos technology precisely and safely targets brown pigmented lesions , so they gradually fade away.

When can I expect to see results?

Gradual and cumulative improvement is typically achieved between 5 to 6 treatments. The total number of sessions depends on your skin condition.

Does it hurt?

The cooling of the skin surface ensures additional safety during treatment. Also, there is no recovery time. The patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment