Hair removal by Elos
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Finally, laser hair removal made for you!

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How does Hair Removal with Elos works?

Elos is the only revolutionary technology, which combines simultaneously the Radio frequency and the Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Precisely it targets the hair follicle and reaches the bulb and the bulge’s hair, the two components that makes hair grow.

When can I expect to see results?

See results in less time and save! The number of treatments needed depends on your type of hair and of skin as well as treated areas. Generally, an average of 8 treatments for dark hair is enough, compared to more than 12 treatments for all the other laser technology on the market.

Does it hurt?

The Elos Hair Removal System is unique with an integrated safety and cooling system. It ensures safety and comfort during treatment. You can return to your activities immediately after your treatment.

A price and a treatment that answers your needs!

We are fully available to remove all the hair that you want, in any area that you want at the price that answers your needs. Also, since you pay one treatment at a time, it is easier for you to include this investment in your budget. You will also benefit from substantial reductions and all promotions in progress throughout your treatments. You can achieve your goals without harming your wallet!